ESR1 : Dynamics and information encoding in hippocampal neural sequences

Supervisor: Rosa Cossart

M-GATE fellow: Artem Vorobyev

In hippocampal subfield CA1, we will look at spatio-temporal information encoding by large populations of neurons in the pyramidal layer with advanced in vivo 2-photon imaging. With this technique we can detect, in the sparse activity of hundreds of monitored neurons, repeated sequences of neuronal activation that encode the animal’s position and progress on a trajectory (V. Villette, A. Malvache, T. Tressard, N. Dupuy, R. Cossart, Neuron 88, 357-66 (2015).). Such sequences are played at different speeds, reflecting animal behaviour, and, spontaneously, on a compressed time scale during hippocampal sharp waves. This project will elucidate the mechanisms of this coordinated activity, and together with RU and SISSA develop new analysis techniques.

In collaboration with SISSA and RU.