ESR10 : From spatial to episodic memory dynamics: a model of natural ‘context’

Supervisor: Dr. Alessandro Treves

M-GATE fellow: Francesca Schonsberg

The theoretical implications of inter-area interactions for memory will be explored, to investigate the interplay between the metrically organized attractors in the medial entorhinal cortex and the more flexible hippocampal attractors. The latter may be organized in ‘episodic fragments’, concatenated and retrieved by the hippocampal-entorhinal dynamics. Again, statistical physics and for this project particularly computer simulations of simplified networks will offer the basic methodology, building on previous work by the LIMBO group and others, but requiring the formulation of new ideas, with potential forays into psychophysics and imaging studies (through collaborations). ESR10 will look at data generated by other experimental partners in the M-GATE networks.

In collaboration with INMED, RU, NTNU.