ESR 12 : Global-local network interactions as revealed by decoding algorithms

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Supervisor: Dr. Francesco Battaglia

M-GATE fellow: Rafael Pedrosa

This project will look at the interrelationship between the information contained in the local field potential (with surface electrodes) and the activity of neural ensembles with depth probes. We will see how cell assemblies are influenced by the global activity both in the same brain structures and in related structures. This will be addressed with a combination of novel, high signal-to-noise recording devices, and new LFP decoding algorithms, and may provide advances relevant for the brain-computer-interface field. We will make use of innovative neurophysiological recording technologies developed by Dr. Bernard’s group, also in combination with imaging (in collaboration with Dr. Majid Mohajerani, University of Lethbridge, Canada).

In collaboration with Dr. Christophe Bernard (University of Aix-Marseille).