ESR 2 : Rhythms and memory encoding in the hippocampus

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Supervisors: Francesco Battaglia and Lisa Genzel

M-GATE fellow: Matteo Guardamagna

In the hippocampus, we will look at neural oscillations are generated by circuitries involving cholinergic neuromodulation, and different types of interneurons (Cabral et al. Neuron 2014). We will also look at these circuit components will affect the way the hippocampus represents space. To this purpose, we will combine high-density neural recordings with advanced neural probes in the hippocampus with optogenetic manipulations. This will take place in mazes where animals will be freely moving, or in Virtual Reality settings.  In collaboration with Dr. Rosa Cossart,  Inmed –  Marseille, ESR2 will collaborate to develop a data analysis framework for sequences, combining electrophysiology and imaging data.