ESR 7 : Amygdalar contributions to memory consolidation

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Memories are formed only for the most salient aspects of our experience. We speculate that the amygdala, in addition to processing the emotional value of an experience , is important for the evaluation of the relevance of non-emotional stimuli, and that amygdalar inputs may influence the ‘weight’ of different experience components and how strongly they are encoded in hippocampal representations. This will be studied with joint amygdala/hippocampal recordings with new devices developed with ATLAS, as well as by optogenetically perturbing amygdalar activity and measuring the effect on hippocampal function. Similar to ESR2, both freely-moving and Virtual Reality settings will be used.

Supervisor Francesco Battaglia and co-supervisor Lisa Genzel.

Alejandra Alonso was recruited as M-GATE fellow for this project