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  1. Guardamagna M, Stella F, Battaglia FP. (2021)

Distinct hippocampal network states support theta phase precession and theta sequences in CA1.



  1. Clawson W, Madec T, Ghestem A, Quilichini PP, Battaglia D, Bernard C. (2021)

Disordered information processing dynamics in experimental epilepsy.



  1. Pedrosa R, Battaglia FP. (2021)

Combining cortical voltage imaging and hippocampal electrophysiology for investigating global, multi-time scale activity interactions in the brain.

arXiv (submitted to Journal of Neuroscience Methods). preprint arXiv:2112.02938


  1. De Cothi W, Nyberg N, Griesbauer EM, Ghanamé C, Zisch F, Lefort JM, Fletcher L, Newton C, Renaudineau S, Bendor D, Grieves R, Duvelle E, Barry C, Spiers HJ. (2021)

Predicted maps in rats and humans for spatial navigation: the successor representation explains flexible behaviour.



  1. Furtunato AM, Pedrosa R, Lobão-Soares B, Tort AB, Belchior H. (2022).

Hippocampal delta oscillations entrain neuronal activity, modulate gamma amplitude and convey information about running speed on a treadmill. 

bioRxiv. (submitted to Journal of Neuroscience)


  1. Pedrosa R, Nazari M, Mohajerani MH, Knöpfel T, Stella F, Battaglia FP. (2022).

Hippocampal gamma and sharp wave/ripples mediate bidirectional interactions with cortical networks during sleep. 

bioRxiv. (submitted to PNAS)


  1. Bollmann Y, Modol L, Tressard T, Dard R, Brustlein S, Leprince E, Vorobyev A, DeSars V, Ronzitti E, Baude A, Adesnik H, Picardo M, Emiliani V & Cossart.

Emergence of hub cells in the developing cortex.


  1. Tok S, Maurin H, Delay C, Manyakov NV, Van Der Elst W, Crauwels D, Moechars D, Drinkenburg WHIM.

Pathological and neurophysiological outcomes of seeding human-derived tau pathology in the APP-KI NL-G-F and NL-NL mouse models of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Submitted to Acta Neuropathological Comms.

In preparation

  1. Alonso A, Samanta A, Van der Meij J, Van den Brand L, Negwer M, Navarro Lobato I, Genzel L. Defensive and offensive behaviours in a Kleefstra syndrome mouse model.


  1. Alonso A, et al.

Hippocampo-cortico contributions to previous knowledge learning in mice.


  1. Descamps L, Clawson W, Carvalho M, Chadney O, Rogerson T, Hazon O, Schnitzer M, Kentros C.

Emergence and consolidation of object correlates in anterior cingulate cortex.


  1. Gahnstrom CJ, Spiers HJ.

Neural basis of goal coding during flexible navigation.


  1. Gahnstrom CJ, Spiers HJ.

Hierarchical representation of route planning in Licensed London taxi drivers.


  1. Guardamagna M, Chadney O, Stella F, Kentros C, Battaglia FP.

Entorhinal control of CA1 temporal coding.


  1. Lykken CM, Kanter BR, Dickenson J, Chadney OMT, Asumbisa K, Kentros CG.

Grid Field Firing Rate Changes Control The Predictability and Stability of Hippocampal Remapping.


  1. Nakatani M, et al.

Multiplicity of seizure dynamotypes and spatio-temporal patterns in individual: Retrospective study of epileptic rats’ model and human epilepsy patients.


  1. Nakatani M, et al.

Preceding DC-like activities can contribute to suppress the epileptic excitability using more amount of glucose compared to ictal DC at seizure onset.


  1. Pedrosa R, Nazari M, Mohajerani T, Stella F, Battaglia, FP.

Hippocampal Sharp-Wave Ripples promotes interconnection between Default Mode Network and cortical spindles.


  1. Pedrosa R, Stella F, Battaglia, FP.

Cortico-hippocampal interaction during learning.


  1. Pedrosa R, Nazari M, Mohajerani T, Stella F, Battaglia, FP.

Hippocampal Sharp-Wave Ripples promotes interconnection between Default Mode Network and cortical spindles.


  1. Schönsberg F, Salih R, Roudi Y, Treves A.

The nature of retrieval to no-retrieval transition in threshold-linear networks with Hebbian learning.


  1. Schönsberg F, Monasson R, Treves A.

Continuous quasi-attractor manifolds for irregular place maps.


  1. Soldatkina O, Treves A.

Patterns of recall.


  1. Vorobyev A, Bocchio M, Cossart R.

How single GABAergic neurons shape local circuit dynamics: an all-optical approach.


  1. Winne J, Pedrosa R, Nascimento G, Nogueira M, Leão RN, Leão KE.

A non-canonical auditory pathway pace hippocampal theta oscillation during movement.


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