Janssen Pharmaceutical

Dr. Pim Drinkenburg / Dr. John Kemp

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Janssen Pharmaceutica is one of the most innovative pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our research develops products for a range of disease areas, such as mental disorders, neurological problems, infectious diseases, immunological disorders, cancer, and cardiovascular and metabolic conditions.

Group description

The M-Gate project is embedded in the Neuroscience Discovery Department of Janssen R&D (Belgium), where scientists work together to identify transformational therapies for neurodegenerative disorders. The implementation of state-of the-art translational neurophysiological technologies and methods are an instrumental part of that effort to discover new therapies.

People: Dr. W.H.I.M. (Pim) Drinkenburg, Scientific Director & Fellow – P.I. & Dr John Kemp, Head of Neuroscience Discovery Biology, Beerse (B)  

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