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Dr. Cliff Kentros

NTNU has the main responsibility for higher education in technology in Norway, and it is the country’s premier institution for the education of engineers. The university offers several programmes of professional study and a broad academic curriculum in the natural sciences, social sciences, teacher education, humanities, medicine and health sciences, economics, finance and administration, as well as architecture and the arts.

The Kavli Institute at NTNU offers a highly collaborative research environment. It is an active member of the Norwegian Research School for Neuroscience ( a consortium of institutions providing a broad interdisciplinary education in the Neurosciences.


Group description

Dr. Clifford Kentros’ laboratory takes advantage of his dual molecular and neurophysiological background by combining the anatomical specificity of molecular genetics with in vivo electrophysiological recordings and anatomical analysis.

The lab uses mice capable of driving the expression of transgenes in particular subsets of neurons in brain areas involved in learning and memory to determine their precise connectivity and to modulate their neural activity while recording from other cell types. In this way, the lab investigates the anatomical and functional circuitry underlying learning and memory.

People: Prof. Clifford Kentros (PI)

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Associated M-GATE fellows

ESR 4 : Oscar Chadney

ESR 8 : Lucie Descamps