Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avazati (SISSA)

Prof. Alessandro Treves / dr. Federico Stella

The International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) is a scientific center of excellence within the Italian and international academic scene. The first institution to award PhD degrees in Italy, SISSA leads in post-graduate training and research in neuroscience, physics and mathematics, with e.g. the highest ratio of ERC grants per PI in the country. It operates in English and attracts over a third of its students from abroad.


Group description

Within the PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, the LIMBO group uses mathematical analyses and computer simulations to connect seemingly unrelated experimental observations and advance hypotheses about their underlying neuronal mechanisms, linking at a computational level issues about spatial navigation, memory, language processes and brain evolution. Besides those from Italy, it currently hosts researchers from Macedonia, France, Tajikistan, Turkey, Slovenia and North Korea, with long-term collaborators also in Argentina, China, Austria, Israel and Norway.

People: Dr. Alessandro Treves (PI) & Dr. Federico Stella (postdoc)

Links: SISSA , The LIMBO group

Associated M-GATE fellows

ESR 5 : Oleksandra Soldatkina

ESR 10 : Francesca Schonsberg