Weizmann Institute of Science

Prof. Nachum Ulanovsky / Prof. Misha Tsodyks

Weizmann Institute of Science is a scientific center of excellence in Israel and internationally. The Institute is a leader in post-graduate training and research in neuroscience, physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry, and has the highest ratio of ERC grants per PI of any institution in Europe. It operates in English and attracts many students from abroad.


Group Description

Within the PhD program in Brain Sciences, the laboratory of Nachum Ulanovsky focuses on studying the neural basis of spatial cognition, navigation, and spatial memory in the mammalian hippocampal formation – using bats as a novel animal model that we pioneered. We study the interactions between different hippocampal structures in the bat and how their activity relates to complex three-dimensional behaviours, by employing neurophysiological, behavioural and computational methods.  The laboratory of Misha Tsodyks focuses on theoretical and computational studies, using cutting-edge neural network modeling and simulations, with particular emphasis on models of memory and navigation in the hippocampal formation.

People: Dr. Nachum Ulanovsky (PI) & Dr. Misha Tsodyks (PI)

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Associated M-GATE fellows

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ESR 11 : Michelangelo Naim